Member Schools
Southern States Athletic Conference Staff
Mike HallCommissionerSSAC Official[email protected](864) 266-3621
Matthew HicksAssistant CommissionerSSAC Official[email protected]251-327-8767
Sally ShouppeTreasurerSSAC Official[email protected](251) 442-2278
Dr. Ronald MeltonEligibility ChairSSAC Official[email protected](912) 326-5993
Scott CheneyVideo CoordinatorSSAC Official[email protected]
Nathan GaillardInternSSAC Official[email protected]
Sport Chairs
Lavon DriskellWomen's BasketballBlue Mountain[email protected] 662-685-4771 x 405
Hal WynnSoftballFaulkner[email protected](334) 386-7285
Kyle BeardMen's SoccerFaulkner[email protected](334) 386-7162
Alison WilliamsVolleyballMartin Methodist[email protected]931-363-9878
Brian PersonWomen's SoccerMobile[email protected](251) 442-2397
Curt FowlerBaseballBlue Mountain[email protected](662) 538-4952
Uwe TittlWomen's TennisMobile[email protected]251-442-2364
Uwe TittlMen's TennisMobile[email protected]251-442-2364
T.J. JacksonMen's GolfMobile[email protected]251-442-2570
Jim McGrewWomen's GolfDalton State[email protected](706) 529-7623
Stacy HollowellMen's BasketballLoyola[email protected](504) 864-7398
Andy CanegittaMen's Outdoor Track & FieldMobile[email protected](251) 442-2359
Andy CanegittaWomen's Outdoor Track & FieldMobile[email protected](251) 442-2359
Kami WhiteisCompetitive Cheer & DanceMobile[email protected] 251-442-2595
Blake HegstromMen's Cross CountryWilliam Carey[email protected](601) 318-6755
Blake HegstromWomen's Cross CountryWilliam Carey[email protected](601) 318-6755
Board of Presidents
Dr. Walter ButlerBethel
Dr. Barbara McMillinBlue Mountain
Dr. Ed SchraderBrenau
Dr. Steven EcholsBrewton-Parker
Dr. Gregory AloiaCoastal Georgia
Dr. Margaret VenableDalton State
Dr. Mike WilliamsFaulkner
Rev. Kevin Wildes, S.J.Loyola
Dr. Ted BrownMartin Methodist
Dr. Timothy L. SmithMobile
Dr. Christopher BlakeMiddle Georgia State
Dr. Tommy KingWilliam Carey
Executive Committee
Dr. Tommy KingChairWilliam Carey
Dr. Barbara McMillinBlue Mountain
Dr. Christopher BlakeMiddle Georgia State
Brett SimpsonEx Officio MemberLoyola
Mike HallEx Officio MemberSSAC Official
Dr. Mike WilliamsFaulkner
Champions of Character Liasons
Brad ChappellBethel[email protected]
Clint GannonBlue Mountain[email protected]
Andre FerreiraBrenau[email protected]
Matt PayneBrewton-Parker[email protected]
Zack RogersCoastal Georgia[email protected]
- TBADalton State
Courtnie PratherLoyola[email protected]
Jeff BainChairMartin Methodist[email protected]
John JeanesMiddle Georgia State[email protected]
- TBDMobile
Blake HegstromWilliam Carey[email protected]
Dr. Cindy WalkerFaulkner
Tori BartelsFaulkner
Brynn WadeMartin Methodist
Faculty Athletic Representatives
Malissa VaughnChairBethel[email protected](731) 571-6445
Sherrel SettlemiresBlue Mountain[email protected](662) 587-6361
Elizabeth ConoleyBrenau[email protected](770) 534-6124
Dr. Ronald MeltonBrewton-Parker[email protected](912) 583-3238
Rebecca SharpeCoastal Georgia[email protected](912) 279-5956
Cindy WalkerFaulkner[email protected](334) 386-7305
Dr. Wing FokLoyola[email protected](504) 864-7937
Tim WilsonMartin Methodist[email protected](931) 363-9847
Bill HerveyMiddle Georgia State[email protected](478)-471-2895
Kathy DunningMobile[email protected](251) 442-2281
Frank BaughWilliam Carey[email protected](601) 467-0006
Kim HaysDalton State[email protected](706) 272-2581
Eligibility Committee
Sheila FreemanRegistrarBlue Mountain
Dr. Ron MeltonChairBrewton-Parker
DJ PulleyWilliam Carey
Malissa VaughnBethel
Mike HallSSAC Official
Ethics Committee
Jeff BainMartin Methodist
Dr. Ron MeltonBrewton-Parker
Hal WynnFaulkner
Mike HallSSAC Official
Membership Committee
Dr. Tommy KingChairWilliam Carey
Dr. Walter ButlerBethel
Dr. Ron MeltonSSAC Official
Dr. Margaret VenableDalton State
Brett SimpsonLoyola
Jeff BainMartin Methodist
Joe NilandMobile
Mike HallSSAC Official
Competition Committee
Daniel PrevettBrewton-Parker
Brad ChappellBethel
Joe NilandMobile
Mike HallSSAC Official
Student Leadership Council
DeShawn RuffinChairDalton State
Sabrina GreenBlue Mountain
Lauren AshleyBlue Mountain
Hannah McBroomBethel
Tony RobinsonBethel
Caroline GriffinDalton State
Carlos LoraBrewton-Parker
Katy SillsBrewton-Parker
Hannah TaylorMiddle Georgia State
Logan SmithMiddle Georgia State
Hannah MoakWilliam Carey
Mitchell BlairWilliam Carey
Dawn StewartCoastal Georgia
Haylen WashingtonCoastal Georgia
Jasmine BrewsterBrenau
Allie SmithBrenau
Geoff JacksonMartin Methodist
Taylor FergusonMartin Methodist
Caroline GonzalezLoyola
Benjamin FieldLoyola
Tyler WinklerMobile
Cody WatersMobile
Mallory RobertsFaulkner
Luke ParkerFaulkner
Supervisors of Officials
Hal LuskMen's BasketballSSAC Official
David CarstensonVolleyballSSAC Official
Joe CunninghamWomen's BasketballSSAC Official
Tony ThompsonBaseballSSAC Official
Craig StoneSoftballSSAC Official
Ermanno RossiMen's SoccerSSAC Official
Ermanno RossiWomen's SoccerSSAC Official
Athletic Trainers
Ty ButlerChairBethel[email protected](731) 352-4294
Amanda DoveBlue Mountain[email protected](573) 429-6195
Mike ClantonBrenau[email protected](706) 338-2716
Katelynn StaleyBrewton-Parker[email protected](419) 513-1013
Katelyn RedmanCoastal Georgia[email protected](912) 279-5956
Stephanie RynasDalton State[email protected](706) 529-7623
Micah TrawFaulkner[email protected](803) -810-2968
Ken FaldettaLoyola[email protected]
Grant FairchildMartin Methodist[email protected](931) 363-9874
Gayla McLeodMiddle Georgia State[email protected](478) 934-3423
Jacob LewisMobile[email protected](251) 442-2561
Jeff DavisWilliam Carey[email protected](601) 319-4200